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Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming

Thursday April 2008


Bjorn Lomborg Adjunct Professor, Copenhagen Business School

In his most recent book, Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, Bjorn Lomborg looks beyond past polarized debate to examine the facts about climate change. The acclaimed Danish professor reveals how the public policy debate has been hijacked and information about the issue distorted and exaggerated.

Lomborg argues that the consequences of global warming are often overstated, and that many of the expensive actions advocated to deal with climate change will have little impact. He contends that there are a host of other problems—fighting malaria and HIV as well as combating global poverty—that merit urgent action more than does global warming.

Please join us as Lomborg spells out his thoughts not just on the distressing state of global warming alarmism, but also on what a sensible course for addressing the issue of climate change should include.