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City Journal at 30: A Reflection

Wednesday January 2021


Nicole Gelinas Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal @nicolegelinas
Heather Mac Donald Thomas W. Smith Fellow
Contributing Editor, City Journal
Steven Malanga Senior Fellow | Senior Editor, City Journal @cjstevem
Fred Siegel Senior Fellow | Contributing Editor, City Journal
Brian C. Anderson Editor, City Journal @BrianAcity

City Journal turned 30 last autumn. Over three decades, the magazine’s ideas have helped lay the groundwork for the revival of American cities, especially our home city of New York. We’ve been making arguments for sound public policy from the beginning, whether it was for the proactive policing that fostered New York’s turnaround in the 1990s; sensible development and public-safety initiatives, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks; sober-minded financial reforms, after the financial crisis; and a proper balance between public-health imperatives and economic freedom, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Entering its fourth decade, City Journal is as eager as ever to makes its voice heard, especially at a time when our cities and nation once again face formidable challenges.

Please join City Journal editor Brian Anderson as he moderates a panel of longtime City Journal contributors—Nicole Gelinas, Heather Mac Donald, Steven Malanga, and Fred Siegel—commemorating the magazine’s 30th anniversary and taking a look at what the future might hold.