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Event Health FDA Reform, Pharmaceuticals

Building A 21st Century Healthcare System Aligning Policy, Accelerating Cures, Delivering Hope

Monday August 2014

America is on the cusp of a Golden Age in medicine. Significant advances in our understanding of human physiology and genetics are merging with cutting-edge technologies and bioengineering, enabling us to attack the root causes of complex diseases. To fully realize these life-saving and life-improving opportunities, we need to find new ways to accelerate the development, lower the cost, and reduce the risk of bringing new medicines to market. Moreover, without reforms, the U.S. could easily find itself ceding its current global leadership position in bio-innovation.

The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, in partnership with the Manhattan Institute and its Project FDA, is bringing together key policymakers, patient advocates, leading academics, and industry experts to assess roadblocks to bioinnovation and explore how to create a better paradigm for the discovery and development of new medicines and delivery to patients. With Congress poised to take action on this challenge—witness the launch of its bipartisan 21st Century Cures Initiative—this Boston symposium will be the first in a series of public conversations about the reforms needed to advance innovation and create an effective and affordable health care system for the 21st Century.

Introduction & Welcome
Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, Former FDA Commissioner; Chairman, MI’s Project FDA

Reflections on Congress’s 21st Century Cures Initiative
Rep. Michael Burgess, (TX-26)

Building a Better Framework for Approving New Medicines
Rep. Michael Burgess, (TX-26)
Jeff Allen, PhD, Executive Director, Friends of Cancer Research
Kenneth Kaitin, Director and Professor, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development
Alan Eisenberg, Vice President, Federal Government Relations, Celgene
Lita Nelson, Director, Biotechnology, MIT Technology Licensing Office
Nick Leschly, President and CEO, Bluebird Bio
Phillip Sharp, Nobel Laureate & Institute Professor, MIT
Moderator: Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, Former FDA Commissioner; Chairman, MI’s Project FDA

Using Big Data to Support Patient-Centered Innovation
Rep. Michael Burgess, (TX-26)
Robert Popovian, Senior Director, Advocacy & Professional Relations, Pfizer
Ketan Paranjape, Worldwide Director of Health and Life Sciences, Intel
Peter Huber, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
Gigi Hirsch, Director, Center for Biomedical Innovation, MIT
Moderator: Paul Howard, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute