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Bloomberg's Fiscal Record: Back to the Future?

Tuesday November 2005

Panelists: E. J. McMahon, Director, Empire Center for New York State Policy at the Manhattan Institute; Nicole Gelinas, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Charles Brecher, Research Director, Citizens Budget Commission; Ronnie Lowenstein, Director, New York City Independent Budget Office

How has Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the fiscal demands of his past term, and what other fiscal challenges does the next mayor face? How have the candidates—Bloomberg and Fernando Ferrer—proposed to address these challenges and what ought to be considered by them?

Our panelists will address these questions.

Nicole Gelinas briefly detailed the findings of her new report on the mayor’s fiscal record. E. J. McMahon discussed the impact of Bloomberg administration tax increases, and the interplay of federal, state and local tax policies in the city. Ronnie Lowenstein reviewed the city’s current fiscal condition and what lies ahead. Charles Brecher, professor at New York University’s Wagner School, offered his perspective on these analyses and provide his own view on how to address the city’s fiscal woes.