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An American Cure: Reforming Health Care by Empowering Consumers and Promoting Innovation

Monday January 2008


Americans are paying more attention to health-care reform than ever before. They’re worried about controlling rising health-care costs, encouraging medical innovation, and creating affordable health-care options for the uninsured. The only thing people seem to agree on, though, is that change is needed. Some look to Canada and Europe for centralized health-care solutions, while others warn that Washington bureaucrats would micromanage the system leading to worse care and health-care rationing.

Is there another way? Can America achieve universal health-care access in a way that’s distinctly American—applying the values of competition, innovation, and personal choice that have helped make the American economy the envy of our global competitors?

Senator Coburn will discuss his Universal Health Care Choice and Access Act, and how his vision for a uniquely American approach to comprehensive health-care reform can spur medical innovation, improve consumer choice, and offer better health outcomes at lower cost.