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All About the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can't Save Black America+

Tuesday June 2008


John McWhorter Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

In his newest book, New York Times bestselling author John McWhorter delves into the universe of hip-hop, analyzing its content and celebrating its artistry and craftsmanship. But at the same time, he argues that hip-hop is simply music, and that the idea that its indignation and rhythmic urgency constitute political significance is mistaken.

In this groundbreaking book, McWhorter argues that black America is being distracted from real action by calls for a “hip-hop revolution” that will never lead to meaningful change. McWhorter points beyond hip-hop’s empty gestures to a brave new politics, calling for a renewed sense of purpose and pride in black communities. All About the Beat takes the debate in a seismically new direction.