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After the Flight 93 Election The Vote That Saved America And What We Still Have To Lose

Wednesday February 2019


Michael Anton Hillsdale College

In September 2016, Michael Anton’s provocative essay, “The Flight 93 Election,” galvanized many voters on the political right by spotlighting the stakes ahead in November. Critics, however, contended that while Anton painted a dire scenario to be averted, he offered no positive vision for the U.S.

In After the Flight 93 Election: The Vote That Saved America and What We Still Have to Lose, Anton presents the ideals that inspired him. He lays out the foundational principles of the American and Western traditions, examines the biggest threats to their survival, and explains the need to continue defending them.

Michael Anton is Lecturer in Politics and Research Fellow at Hillsdale College, as well as a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute. Previously, he served on President Trump’s National Security Council; as a speechwriter for Mayor Rudy Giuliani and President George W. Bush; as Director for Communications at Citigroup; and as a managing director at BlackRock. Anton is the author (as “Nicholas Antongiavanni”) of The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style. He holds a B.A. from the University of California, Davis and master’s degrees from St. John’s College and Claremont Graduate University.