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Administering Change in Higher Education

Tuesday April 2007


The Honorable Hank Brown President, University of Colorado, Former United States Senator, Colorado

In early 2005, the University of Colorado (CU) came under intense scrutiny for remarks made by Professor Ward Churchill, a member of its faculty. Churchill's characterization of 9/11 victims as "little Eichmanns" spurred an inquiry into his work, subsequently uncovering a laundry list of academic integrity violations that are still pending. Amid this controversy, enter Hank Brown, 21st president of the University of Colorado.

Since taking over in June 2005, President Brown has changed the academic culture at CU, working constructively within the system to make much needed reforms-including restructuring the tenure process, reducing administrative costs, and supporting the introduction of the Western Civilization Initiative on campus. Already, his stance has borne fruit, with enrollment rebounding to an all-time high and donations to the university on a record pace.

President Brown will address how he has proposed-and achieved-substantial reforms at a major, state research university, while at the same time, elevating the intellectual conversation at CU. As an administrator, his remarks serve to compliment that of two previous speakers-a tenured professor (John Tomasi) and public academic (Martin Kramer)- by shedding further insight on how to reopen the American mind.