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2005 Urban Innovator Award

Tuesday October 2005


Raymond W. Kelly Commissioner, New York City Police Department

For over 25 years the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research has been an important force in shaping American civic culture, publishing and supporting research on our era’s most challenging public policy issues, winning new respect for market-oriented policies, and helping to make reform a reality. The Institute is supported by taxdeductible gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations.

The Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) is a program of the Manhattan Institute with the mandate to improve quality of life in cities by shaping public policy and enriching public discourse on urban issues.

CCI’s writers and senior fellows are dedicated to developing new policy prescriptions to solve urban problems. The prescriptions are contained in CCI’s This Works publications. Produced in conjunction with the Fannie Mae Foundation, the brief reports, by some of the nation’s most respected urban policy experts, provide a comprehensive array of reforms that can improve the quality of life in our nation’s cities.

CCI was founded by former Indianapolis mayor Stephen Goldsmith, the Daniel Paul Professor of Government at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and director of the Ash Institute’s Innovations in American Government Awards Program.