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2002 William E. Simon Forum On Philanthropy And Social Entrepreneurship

Thursday April 2002


Raymond Chambers Founding Chairman, Points of Light Foundation
Reverend Eugene F. Rivers, III Pastor, Azusa Christian Community

The Foundation honors Raymond Chambers, founding Chairman of the Points of Light Foundation and other charities, and the Reverend Eugene F. Rivers, III, Pastor of the Azusa Christian Community in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as the second annual recipients of its prizes.

The $250,000 William E. Simon Prize in Philanthropic Leadership goes to Mr. Chambers for his intensive support for education, scholarships, job training, employment opportunities, libraries, hospitals, and schools in and around Newark, New Jersey.

Reverend Rivers receives the $250,000 William E. Simon Prize in Social Entrepreneurship for his creation of the Ella J. Baker House, a neighborhood center which has calmed the crisis of youth- and gang-violence in one of Boston's poorest areas.

The Simon Prizes were inaugurated in 2001 as part of the Foundation's efforts to further the legacy of its namesake, who was Secretary of the Treasury from 1974 to 1977. According to William E. Simon, Jr., Foundation Co-Chairman, the awards underscore an important aspect of his father's life. "My father believed in helping people to help themselves", he said, "and he knew that one person can make a difference in people's lives".