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The Entrepreneurial City A How-To Handbook for Urban Innovators

The Manhattan Institute 1999 ISBN: 9780615114644

About the Book

Newly-elected mayors and others interested in urban policy need look no further than The Entrepreneurial City to learn what America’s new breed of innovative mayors have done in recent years to improve the quality of life in their cities. The Entrepreneurial City includes essays from some of these “supermayors” and other urban policy experts on seven topics: Managing City Finances, Improving Education, Reducing Crime, Cutting Regulation, Increasing Economic Development, Welfare, and Civil Society. These essays list between five and ten successful policies in bullet format, followed by two or three brief paragraphs explaining the policy and why it could work in other cities.

New York’s Rudolph Giuliani, Chicago’s Richard Daley, Philadelphia’s Edward Rendell, Indianapolis’s Stephen Goldsmith, San Diego’s Susan Golding and Milwaukee’s John Norquist are among the mayors contributing essays to this book.

Names, phone numbers and email addresses of people who administered these programs are also provided so that mayors and other interested parties can contact directly those who can help them implement their ideas.

The Entrepreneurial City also includes over 20 case studies of successful programs from other cities, names and phones numbers of hundreds of firms helping cities nationwide, and lists of suggested reading on each topic. The Entrepreneurial City is a comprehensive guide to successful urban policy, making it an indispensable resource for anyone who cares about the future of the American city.