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Second Thoughts Myths and Morals of U.S. Economic History

By Donald N. McCloskey
Oxford University Press 1993 ISBN: 9780195066333

About the Book

This book examines the past as a way of preparing for the future. McCloskey has brought together leading economic historians who show that commonly accepted perceptions of our economic past can be wrong and, therefore, misleading. The contributors (including Robert Higgs, Julian and Rita Simon, Elyce Rotella, Terry Anderson, Barry Eichengreen, Price Fishback, Susan Phillips and J. Richard Zecher) address a wide range of issues: Teapot Dome scandal, banking regulation, "new" immigration problems, A T & T and deregulation, Third World development policies, the role of "big" government, technological innovation, and property rights. Each essay explores the role of government policy in the outcome of events. Written in nontechnical prose, this book is an essential reference for those interested in our economic past.

About the Author

Donald McCloskey (Deirdre N. McCloskey) is an American professor who is a Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).