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Scarcity by Design The Legacy of New York's Housing Policies

By Peter D. Salins, Gerard Mildner
Harvard University Press 1992 ISBN: 9780674790186

About the Book

Addressing issues that are hotly debated in the Big Apple and other cities across the nation, Peter Salins and Gerard Mildner analyze New York's policies and assess their largely detrimental effects on housing quality and availability. They show how programs that were instituted for the benefit of both investors and the poor - by directly and indirectly subsidizing housing construction and by capping rents - have instead caused misallocation of housing, exacerbated tensions between tenants and landlords, progressively stifled private investment, and resulted in building deterioration and abandonment.

About the Authors

Peter Salins is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a former editor and contributor to City Journal, and an expert on housing, immigration, higher education, and New York City. He is currently University Professor of Political Science at Stony Brook University and director of its graduate program in public policy; and formerly, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of the State University of New York system

Dr. Gerard Mildner is an associate professor of real estate finance and the director of the Center for Real Estate at Portland State University. His research is focused on land use regulation, growth managements, rent control, urban transportation and the economics of local government.