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Dickens and the Social Order

By Myron Magnet
ISI Books 2004 ISBN: 978-1932236354

About the Book

Focusing on the early novels Nicholas Nickleby and Barnaby Rudge Magnet (editor, City Journal ) argues that Dickens' support for liberal reforms rested on a fundamentally traditional view of society. Attention is also given to the ideas expressed in American Notes and Martin Chuzzlewit.


"Well argued, attractively written and all in all one of the most stimulating studies of Dickens to have appeared in recent years. Perhaps he will consider writing a sequel; even if it turned out to be only half as good as Dickens and the Social Order, it would be very well worth reading.” — John Gross, New York Times, 1/3/1986

"Three cheers to Myron Magnet for this literary and moral tour de force." —  Roger Kimball in The New Criterion