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Commentary By Soledad Ursúa

You Won’t Believe How Insane Reparations Math Is in California. Here’s Why Your State Could Be Next

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Reparations in California could potentially top more than $500 billion. That's more than twice the state's current budget

In December 2022, California’s nine-member Reparations Task Force, formed by Gov. Gavin Newsom two years earlier, estimated that, if a reparations program were ever adopted, each black person in the state descended from slaves could receive as much as $223,200 in compensation for past injustice. 

The projected total cost, to California taxpayers, could reach $569 billion—almost two and a half times the state’s current budget. The task force is due to give its final recommendations in June 2023, including the exact monetary amount of compensation. "We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction," said one task force member.

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Soledad Ursúa is a finance professional and elected board member of the Venice Neighborhood Council. She holds an M.S. from The New School for Management and Urban Policy. She can be found on Twitter at @SoledadUrsua. Adapted from City Journal.

Photo by Michael Valdez/iStock