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Commentary By Theodore Dalrymple

The W-word

Culture Gender Ideology

The idea that the sex of a person is simply a matter of choice is a giant ideological lie

I do not think that The Journal of the American Medical Association intends to be funny, but sometimes it is.

For example, I recently saw on its website a paper titled A Young Pregnant Person With Old Myocardial Infarction. Evidently, the journal is now so misogynist that it considers the word woman an insult in itself.

To the N-word must now be added the W-word; soon, if the linguistic Savonarolas have their way, there won’t be enough letters in the alphabet to designate words which must never be pronounced on pain of excommunication by the monstrous regiment of the righteous. Frailty, thy name is person!

Then there was a paper titled An Uncommon Cause of Acute Chest Pain. It began as follows: “A patient in their 50s presented to the emergency department with 20 minutes of substernal chest pain … ”

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Theodore Dalrymple is a contributing editor of City Journal and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

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