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October 30th, 2023 2 Minute Read Press Release

The Manhattan Institute Announces the Logos Fellowship

Christopher Rufo to work with the emerging generation of policy entrepreneurs

NEW YORK, NY – The Manhattan Institute is pleased to announce the Logos Fellowship, a year-long accelerator program for emerging thought leaders in the fields of journalism, activism, and policy commentary. Manhattan Institute senior fellow and City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo will work closely with Logos Fellows as they shape cultural and intellectual debates in ways that drive constructive policy change.

Logos Fellows will bring specific projects to the program, and receive the mentorship, amplification, and promotion required to move their projects from conception to execution. Kicking off with a three-day retreat in New York City, Rufo will cover the principles of successful activism in our current political moment, working with fellows as they design their campaigns. Following the retreat, fellows will receive ongoing support with writing, media engagement, and participation in public events, all with an eye to improving the reach and traction of their projects.

Rufo embodies the Manhattan Institute’s commitment to excellence, rigor, and action, earning high praise from many allies, as well as respect from those who disagree with him. The Atlantic calls him “one of the most gifted conservative polemicists of his generation”; Vox sees him as “the most important political entrepreneur on the political right today”; and the New York Times offers “credit where due: Rufo has pretty much succeeded.”

With Rufo’s guidance, the Logos Fellowship will help an emerging generation of policy entrepreneurs to productively tackle some of the most pressing matters facing the country today. Journalists, activists, and opinion leaders committed to enriching the public discourse and shaping public policy for the better are invited to apply.

Find the program details and application here.


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