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Commentary By Paul Shakeshaft

Richard Dawkins, Cultural Christian

In April, Richard Dawkins declared that he considers himself a “cultural Christian.” A decade ago, the infamous New Atheist professor whimsically confessed to Rowan Williams that he sometimes catches himself humming hymns in the shower. Today, he is calling for the defense of Christianity as the established religion of Britain: “I feel at home in the Christian ethos. I feel that we are a Christian country.” The remarks were prompted by his discovery that Ramadan lights, rather than Easter decorations, were hung on London’s Oxford Street. Dawkins declared that it would be “truly dreadful” for the United Kingdom to substitute another religion, namely Islam, for Christianity. Since then, he has only doubled down on his newfound appreciation for the religion of peace.

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Paul Shakeshaft is an independent writer who studied philosophy under Roger Scruton. 

Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images