December 6th, 2022 2 Minute Read Press Release

Judge Glock joins the Manhattan Institute as Senior Fellow and Director of Research

New York, NY – The Manhattan Institute is pleased to welcome Judge Glock as senior fellow and director of research. Glock, already a contributing editor at City Journal, joins the Institute from the Cicero Institute, where he served as senior director of policy and research.  

As director of research, Glock will work closely with senior leadership to help shape the Institute’s research agenda, with a particular focus on work pertaining to America’s economic future. In his capacity as senior fellow, he will contribute research and writing of his own on matters such as public finance, monetary policy, regulatory reform, and urban affairs. In collaboration with senior fellow Stephen Eide, Glock will also contribute to the institute’s influential work on homelessness, serious mental illness, and substance abuse. 

“Judge has emerged as one of America’s most incisive policy thinkers,” said Reihan Salam, president of the Manhattan Institute. “Drawing on his deep understanding of U.S. economic development and the changing role of the regulatory state, he has enriched public discourse with groundbreaking policy ideas on issues ranging from federal tax policy to urban crime. We are delighted to welcome Judge to the Institute, and to work alongside him to restore the economic vitality and civic health of America and its great cities.”

Prior to joining the Manhattan Institute, Glock supported the Texas-based Cicero Institute in their mission to advance principles of public order and economic growth. Earlier on, he served as a visiting professor in the Department of Economics at West Virginia University. Glock holds a Ph.D. in history with a focus on economic history from Rutgers University, and his writing has appeared in an array of outlets, both academic and popular, including the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalPolitico, and City Journal. His book, The Dead Pledge: The Origins of the Mortgage Market and Federal Bailouts, 1913-1939, was published by Columbia University Press in 2021. 

“The Manhattan Institute and City Journal have shaped my thinking and influenced my work throughout my career, I'm incredibly happy and proud to start working with so many people whom I've admired for so long,” said Glock. 

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