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Commentary By Paul Howard, Yevgeniy Feyman

Health Care Disagreement Is an Opportunity for Trump

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In a transparent program with streamlined waivers, both Red and Blue states could experiment with more innovative programs for the poor.

In an attempt to regroup after the stinging defeat of the American Health Care Act, Vice President Mike Pence met Monday with members of the House Freedom Caucus to begin moving forward with health care reform. The challenge for Pence, and the Trump administration, is to broker a deal that would satisfy both staunch conservatives in the Freedom Caucus who want a root and branch repeal of Obamacare, as well as moderate Republicans in the House and Senate who were rattled by the CBO’s estimate that 24 million Americans could lose coverage under the AHCA.

Bridging this gap seems like mission impossible.

It isn’t. The Washington Post reported that Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said one “solid idea” that emerged at the meeting was allowing states to ask for waivers from Obamacare regulations like essential health benefits. The idea has sound roots, ironically, in the Affordable Care Act.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price holds broad authority over....

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Paul Howard is a senior fellow and director of health policy at the Manhattan Institute. Follow him on Twitter hereYevgeniy Feyman is an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan InstituteFollow him on Twitter here.

This piece originally appeared in USA Today