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Weekly Standard's 10-Year Anniversary Book

Thursday September 2005

Speakers: Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard; John Podhoretz, Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard; Joseph Bottum, Editor, First Things

Moderator: William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard; Editor, The Weekly Standard, A Reader: 1995 - 2005

A steady supply of honest, smart, and tough political and social commentary is crucial for democratic societies. In this volume celebrating the first decade of The Weekly Standard, editor William Kristol, presents a rich sampling of the magazine’s best writings. Together the articles provide an illuminating history of the political and cultural trends that have defined our nation over the last ten years.

Since making its debut on September 18, 1995, The Weekly Standard has become one of the leading voices of neoconservative thought, essential reading for anyone seeking to be informed about politics and culture today.

To help mark the The Weekly Standard’s ten-year anniversary, William Kristol, along with other current and former Standard editors Fred Barnes, John Podhoretz, and Joseph Bottum, will share their views on the expansion of neoconservatism and how The Weekly Standard contributed to it.