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Trial Lawyers, Inc.: California: A Report on the Lawsuit Industry in California

Thursday April 2005

California’s legal system is the second most expensive legal system in the world trailing only the United States. In a new study by the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Legal Policy, Trial Lawyers, Inc.: California, the state’s exploding lawsuit industry has been comprehensively examined. The California report found that the state has been losing jobs as a result of trial lawyers’ assault on high-tech companies, the housing industry, and businesses large and small.

The lawsuit industry’s political largesse has long strangled legislative efforts at reform. Trial Lawyers, Inc.: California offers practical ways to achieve real reform through the state’s referendum process and the bully pulpit of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


10:00 AM Registration
10:30 AM Presentation of Trial Lawyers, Inc.: California and panel discussion

James R. Copland, Director, Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute
Steven B. Hantler, Assistant General Counsel, DaimlerChrysler Corporation; Senior Fellow, Pacific Research Institute
John H. Sullivan, President, Civil Justice Association of California

MODERATED BY: Catherine Crier, Host, CourtTV and Author, The Case Against Lawyers
12:00 PM Reception
12:30 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Luncheon Keynote Address INTRODUCTION: Sally Pipes, President & CEO, Pacific Research Institute
SPEAKER: Catherine Crier, Former judge and prosecutor; Emmy-winning host of Catherine Crier Live on CourtTV; Author of The Case Against Lawyers: How the Lawyers, Politicians, and Bureaucrats Have Turned the Law into an Instrument of Tyranny – and What We as Citizens Have to Do About It (Broadway Books, 2002)