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The Future America Can't Afford: How Washington's Spending Spree will Undermine Our Financial Future

Thursday March 2006


Lawrence Kudlow Chief Executive Officer, Kudlow & Co. and Host, Kudlow & Company, CNBC

Panelists: Alison Acosta Fraser, Director, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation; Edmund J. McMahon, Senior Fellow for Tax and Budgetary Studies, Manhattan Institute; Brian M. Riedl, Senior Policy Analyst, Federal Budgetary Affairs, The Heritage Foundation

A panel discussion of the future of the federal budget and why financial markets should be concerned. Federal spending is poised to grow dramatically in the coming decades, which will comprise a growing share of the economy and drag along state and local spending. The nation’s liabilities and unfunded commitments for entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have risen from $20 trillion in 2000 to over $50 trillion today – equivalent to the entire net worth of all Americans. How will Washington grapple with spending and commitments of such an unprecedented level?</