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Rethinking Environmental Review

Thursday May 2007

Introduction by: Richard Ravitch, Principal, Ravitch, Rice & Company LLC
Presentation of Report: Hope Cohen, Deputy Director, Center for Rethinking Development
Panelists: Kent Barwick, President, Municipal Art Society; Jerilyn Perine, Executive Director, Citizens Housing and Planning Council; Robert D. Yaro, President, Regional Plan Association
Moderator: Julia Vitullo-Martin, Director, Center for Rethinking Development The straightforward idea that public officials should understand the consequences of their decisions inspired the creation of environmental review. Over the years, however, the process lost its connection to good planning. It has become an expensive and time-consuming annoyance to large projects and a potentially project-ending burden to small ones.

Please join us as MI’s Center for Rethinking Development releases a practical proposal to reform New York City’s especially burdensome implementation of environmental review. The proposal could be adopted by New York City right now—without changing New York State law or engaging in any other difficult process.What better time to make environmental review meaningful, just when the city is focused on planning its sustainable future?