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Popular Economics: What The Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and Lebron James Can Teach You About Economics

Tuesday June 2015


John Tamny Editor, RealClearMarkets

Economics is pretty basic. In fact, it’s everywhere you look. Distinguished editor John Tamny uses entertaining stories from sports, movies, popular culture, and famous businesses to demonstrate the basic principles of economics, including: the Rolling Stones, Dallas Cowboys, and Paris Hilton become examples of good and bad tax policy; The Godfather, Gone With the Wind, and The Sopranos reveal the downside of antitrust regulation; the Michigan Wolverines’s 2007 loss to Appalachian State explains why regulations often fail to achieve their intended purpose; NBA star LeBron James’s exploits on the basketball court illustrate free trade and comparative advantage; and the cooking of chicken wings makes the case for a stable dollar.