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Ending Social Promotion in New York City

Wednesday December 2003


Hon. Edward I. Koch Mayor, New York City, 1978-1989

Panelists: Herman Badillo, Former Chairman, City University of New York, Former Deputy Mayor, City of New York; Michael Gecan, Senior New York Organizer, Industrial Areas Foundation; Frank J. Macchiarola, President, St. Francis College, Former Chancellor, New York School System; Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., Chairman, Edison Schools, Former Presdent, Yale University
Moderator: Anthony Coles, Former Deputy Mayor, City of New York, Adjunct Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Experts agree that social promotion, passing children along to the next grade despite their failure to master needed skills, plays a decisive role in New York City’s high dropout rate. Ultimately, social promotion leaves New York’s most vulnerable students with little, if any, opportunity to overcome poverty and succeed in America’s growing hi-tech economy. Despite the many attempts to end social promotion, it remains one of the city’s most pressing educational issues.