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Diversity in America: Keeping Government at a Safe Distance

Thursday June 2003


Peter Schuck Simeon E. Baldwin Professor of Law, Yale University

As the Supreme Court considers racial preferences in university admissions, the nation struggles to deal with immigration and bilingual education, and much of America remains in de facto segregated housing, Professor Schuck’s Diversity in America is particularly timely. In the most comprehensive book on the topic to date, heexplores the many problems associated with legal and political efforts to foster diversity for its own sake rather than to remedy past discrimination.

Professor Schuck’s sweeping work criticizes not only affirmative action but also bilingual education programs (which fail to integrate immigrant children) and court-mandated housing quotas (which fail to integrate communities). He instead backs choice-based solutions, including school and housing vouchers, auctioning of a limited number of immigration visas, and an increased role for religious-based social service providers.

A noted scholar of tort law—his Agent Orange on Trial exposed one of the nation’s most infamous mass tort scandals—Professor Schuck has turned his attention to diversity with uncommon insight. We hope you will join us for this breakfast talk.