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Disinherited: How Washigton Is Betraying America's Young

Wednesday May 2015

For Millennials—the tens of millions of Americans aged 18 to 30 now embarking on careers—achieving success will be more difficult than it was for young generations past. This is not because Millennials are less intelligent, less hard-working, or less deserving of the American dream; but rather because Washington has made far-reaching decisions that render their lives more difficult, in many ways, than those of their parents and grandparents.

In Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America’s Young, MI senior fellow Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor, and MI fellow Jared Meyer tell the full, outrageous story of the betrayal of America’s youth, including: how the government robs Millennials to pay for lavish services for their parents and grandparents; how schools leave Millennials shamefully ill-equipped and burdened by debt; and how numerous laws and regulations discourage Millennials from landing jobs and starting careers.

The birthright of America’s youth—the freedom to thrive—must be restored, before it’s too late. This succinct, cogent book explains how. “[Disinherited] should be read and remembered by voters everywhere,” writes Alan Meltzer (Carnegie Mellon University). “[With Disinherited, you can] arm yourself with the numbers Washington would rather you didn't focus on,” adds Elaine Chao (former U.S. Secretary of Labor).