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Crush The Cell: How to Defeat Terrorism Without Terrorizing Ourselves

Wednesday May 2008


Michael A. Sheehan Security Consultant; Former Deputy Commissioner for Counter Terrorism, New York Police Department

Nearly seven years after the September 11th attacks, America and her allies continue their efforts to comprehend a decidedly different security landscape than existed during the Cold War. Freedom’s enemy in the last century was monolithic-a nation-state with an industrially-based, hierarchical military and a static ideology. Our communist enemy was highly predictable. Today’s threats are anything but.

In stark contrast to the Soviets, groups like al Qaeda are networked, decentralized and embrace an ideology that is as malleable as the internet on which it is spread. These threats exploit the tools of the Information Age and are unconfined by national boundaries.

There are few people who understand these new threats and how to defeat them better than Michael Sheehan. Thanks in no small part to Sheehan’s efforts, the Nation’s 700,000 law enforcement officers are now viewed as First Preventers who have an important role to play in defending America.

Mr. Sheehan examines these issues in his new book, Crush the Cell, and will provide us with advice for securing our freedom in an uncertain world.